BON LUX - Magnesium Moisture Bath Soak - RESTFUL

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Magnesium Moisture Bath Soak - RESTFUL

A fresh-made lavender + citrus-scented soak to soothe muscles and senses, leaving skin hydrated and helping you ease into a deeper sleep. Inspired by our popular MAGIC MAGNESIUM RESTFUL spray.

A beautiful gift with RESTFUL spray in our RESTFUL gift box for yourself or a friend.


Simply run a bath or pour hot water into a bowl for a foot bath, shake tub and swirl in 2 tablespoons of RESTFUL into the water, and soak! Don’t be stingy, this soak is made for self-care so be kind to yourself!


Dehydrated coconut milk, magnesium chloride, Epsom salts, pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil blend, dried lavender buds.

Made in small batches, by hand in Melbourne, Australia.